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School Bullying Prevention Program

This program is designed to prevent the development of and reduce existing bullying and victimization problems. The program looks to create conditions that make it possible for all children to get along and function better in and out of school settings. To achieve this objective the program is designed to educate teachers and staff members, parents and students in raising awareness about bullying in order to prevent and reduce bullying behaviors and identify appropriate intervention measures.

A standardized bullying curriculum is taught to all middle school students by teachers from the advisory department. Upon completion of theses classes a uniformed police officer will address each class and provide a professional presentation on bullying. This teaches students that the damage caused by bullying is serious and that there are healthy options for preventing bullying. The presence of the police officer communicates that bullying can become a criminal matter.

Training is also provided to educate parents that bullying is a form of violence, and it creates a climate of fear and intimidation in schools that acts as a barrier to learning. Parents should learn how to teach their children to really care about others and to treat everyone with respect. They should learn how to effectively respond if they find out their child is either a victim or a bully.