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The City of Pawtucket is presently not accepting Applications


Message from Acting Chief Tina Goncalves

Thank your for your interest in the Pawtucket Police Department. We are a full service law enforcement agency comprised of 142 sworn members and more than 50 civilian employees commited to servicing our community.

The mission of the Pawtucket Police Department is to protect life, property and civil order while creating and maintaining a proactive partnership with our residential and business community in an effort to enhance public safety and reduce the fear and incidence of crime within the City of Pawtucket. We shall endeavor to improve the quality of life in our City by diligently identifying and addressing public safety and community concerns. The Pawtucket Police Department is committed to accomplishing our goals in a professional manner that promotes respect and dignity for all citizens. Service shall be our commitment, honor and integrity our mandate.

Best wishes in your pursuit of a career in law enforcement and I look forward to meeting you during our hiring process.

Employment Process

Upon completion of the written test, agility test and interview process, candidates receiving a passing grade will be placed on an eligibility list for employment.

As positions become available, candidates will be selected to attend the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy, which lasts approximately fifteen (15) weeks.

Upon successful completion of the Academy, candidates are sworn into the department and begin a 12-week Field Training Program and one (1) year probationary period.

Career Opportunities

  • Patrol Officer
  • Traffic Accident Investigations
  • Neighborhood Response Unit
  • Bicycle Patrol
  • Motorcycle Officer
  • School Resource Officer
  • Detective
  • Special Squad/Vice Investigator
  • Prosecution Officer (s)
  • Administrative Officer (s)

Application Requirements

  • Must be a U.S. citizen; 18 years of age or older.
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • College Degree or thirty (30) college credits (from an accredited college) as of August 5, 2017
  • On e (1) year of ACTIVE Military Service (DD-214, in lieu of degree or credits)
  • Valid Driver's license

Selection Process

  • Entry Level Written Examination
  • Initial Interview Board
  • Successful background investigation
  • Command Interviews
  • Physical Exam
  • Drug Screening

Physical Fitness Standards


Event Age < 20 Age 20 - 29 Age 30 - 39 Age 40 - 49 Age 50 - 59
300 Meter Run 59.0 Seconds 59.0 Seconds 58.9 Seconds 72.0 Seconds 83.2 Seconds
1 Minute Sit - Ups 41 Sit Ups 38 Sit Ups 35 Sit Ups 29 Sit Ups 24 Sit Ups
1 Minute Push-Up 29.0 29.0 24.0 18.0 13.0
1.5 Mile Run - Aerobic Power 12:38 Minute 12:38 Minute 12:58 Minute 13:50 Minute 15:06 Minute


Event Age < 20 Age 20 - 29 Age 30 - 39 Age 40 - 49 Age 50 - 59
300 Meter Run 71.0 Seconds 71.0 Seconds 79.0 Seconds 94.0 Seconds N/A
1 Minute Sit - Ups 32 Sit Ups 32 Sit Ups 25 Sit Ups 20 Sit Ups 14 Sit Ups
1 Minute Push-Up 15.0 15.0 11.0 9.0 n/d
1.5 Mile Run - Aerobic Power 14:50 Minute 14:50 Minute 15:43 Minute 16:31 Minute 18:18 Minute

The Physical Fitness test is scheduled for August 12 & 13, 2017 A preliminary Physical Agility test will be offered on July 8, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.at the McCoy Stadium Annex to allow candidates an opportunity to gauge their ability to pass the test. See following website for more physical assessment information:

R.I. Municipal Police Academy


Swim Test Requirements

    Prior to admission to the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy, The Pawtucket Police Department will be testing candidates to gauge for their proficiency on the RI Municipal Police Academy Aquatic Skills Evaluation. We want to ensure candidates are aware of the requirements so that they can start practicing for the test in advance. The following prerequisites must be attempted during the first course meeting and are used to show the level of the studentís ability in the water:
  • Swim 200 yards continuously using 100 yeards of an approach stroke (crawl or breaststroke and 100 yeards of a tow stroke (sidestroke or elementary back stroke)
  • Tread water for 10 minutes
  • Surface dive to a depth of 7 feet to 12 feet, retrieve a 40lb object and bring it to the surface
  • Swim a distance of 30 feet or 5 body lengths underwater


Salary & Benefits

  • Patrolman - After 12 months $1164.85 weekly
  • 14 paid Holidays Annually
  • Longevity Pay - 7.5% to 10.75%
  • 10 Year Vested 20 year retirement benefit
  • 18 Days Vacation after One (1) year employment
  • Comprehensive Health Benefits
  • Educational Opportunities