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Registered Sex Offenders

The individuals who appear on this website have been convicted of a sex offense which requires registration with the Pawtucket Police Department pursuant to RI General Laws Chapter 11-37.1.

The offenders have served the sentence imposed by the court. This information is not meant to increase fear in the community but it is the belief of the criminal justice system that an informed public is a safe public

Sex offenders who are classified for notifications have committed their offense on or after July 24, 1996. These Sex offenders are classified based on their risk to re-offend. The offender classifications are as follows:

  • a Level 1 or "low risk offender"
  • a Level 2 or "moderate risk offender"
  • a Level 3 or "high risk offender"

Information about a sex offender is available to the public only if the State Sex Offender Board of Review has classified the offender as a Level 3, or Level 2 as of January 1, 2006. Information pertaining to Level 1 sex offenders cannot be posted on this website.

We cannot inform you where the offender lives, works or goes to school. The risk level of the offender has been determined based upon the offender?s potential to re-offend.

WARNING: Offenders posted on this website must not be threatened or harassed or you could be subject to prosecution.

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