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Community Police Unit


The Pawtucket Police Department has a Community Policing plan which the police engage the community to solve problems that affect the environment where crime, disorder, violence and drug abuse thrive.

Our Community Policing policies and programs are based on collaboration between police and citizens in non-threatening and supportive interactions. These interactions include efforts by police to listen to citizens, take seriously the citizens' definitions of problems, and solve the problems that have been identified. Program goals include improved citizen esteem toward the police, improved police attitudes toward citizens, more effective police service as defined by the police, and more effective service as defined by citizens. Focus is on problem identification, analysis, and utilization of systematic problem solving techniques, together with a strong community partnership, as a means to achieve more effective long term solutions to persistent crime problems.

Our objective is to obtain a favorable attitude between the police and citizens with encouraging a willingness to work together cooperatively, with improving neighborhood stability and race relations. Educating and assisting community business leaders in crime prevention by implementing an action plan to meet community needs. Are some expectations for implementing our Community Policing problems.

The department's Community Police Unit has established an effective partnership with the community. This was accomplished by conferring with community leaders in the areas of business, professional groups, social service agencies, religious and civic organizations, and non-law enforcement city agencies. These organizations in joint cooperation with the Community Police Unit have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to donate time and resources in support of our Community Policing problems. The interaction and assistance that these groups afford aided the Community Police Unit in developing specialized problems that addressed current and future needs within the community.

The Community Police Unit continues to develop problems that will maintain effective partnerships within the community. To address future needs within the community the Community Police Unit has developed specialized problems to enhance school safety and develop closer relationship between the police and the community.